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Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay This book (in my opinion) doesn't contain as much excitement or mystery as the first, largely due to the fact that Dexter has to tame himself for reasons I won’t spoil. Dexter’s comical sarcastic side still appears often, which is one of my favorite aspects. In fact, I realized that Dexter’s interactions with himself seem to be the only interactions that are slightly captivating. The people surrounding Dexter are little more than dull props, tossed into one illogical situation after another. The most frustrating part for me was seeing how Chutsky’s mental state is presented after he is rescued. I know he was once a Black Ops assassin, but I feel that he should have been portrayed as a bit more human.

This book felt like unnecessary filler, providing insufficient progression to both the overall story or it’s characters. I’m going to continue this series, because I love the concept and see the potential. Although, I’m not sure that I will feel the same way if the next book is anything like this one.